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Monday, January 14, 2008

About the Church of the Cosmic Bunny

The Church of the Cosmic Bunny was formed in 2002 by founders H. and D.B. Bunny.

Regular meetings were held in person, via phone and the internet amongst Fuzzies (members) and neighborhood Rabbits. The church initiated missions to Europe in 2003 and 2006 and now has a base in Western Europe as well as North America. The church existed in a limited way online until January of 2008, when our new, improved Blogger site came into being. We acquired our domain name www.bunnychurch.com on March 14, 2008. Since the first day we came online, word has quickly spread, with more Fuzzies joining by the moment.

People have long sought out Bunnies for their cuteness and fuzziness. They have marveled at their wiggling noses and munching habits. However, few knew that Bunnies, both wild and domestic, could help teach us the way through their deep knowledge and understanding of the Cosmic Bunny (i.e. Bunny God). It is this Cosmic Bunny that we celebrate!

We look forward to updating this site with further information as often as possible. Both of us are Fuzzies who must still work in the human world, in addition to running the church, but we try to respond to all emails and form submissions as quickly as possible. We still do regularly visit with the wild Rabbits who live in the meadow nearby for new insights.

May the Cosmic Bunny bless you!
H. Bunny and D.B. Bunny

Disclaimer: We are not technically a church by law in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Germany, Indonesia or.... well, or anywhere but Bunnyland. Nor are we a business. Just a movement. A belief system. The Bunny Religion as a whole is not currently recognized by any human government.

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Church of the Cosmic Bunny - Join the Bunny Religion!


Anonymous said...

are you guys for real ?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I pinched myself and it hurt, so I guess I'm real =;-) But seriously, we are an online community (well, including Bunnies, who generally can't get online... they either live in the wild or have problems using their paws with keyboard/mouse) of Bunny lovers and those with pet Bunnies who revere Bunnies and usually refer to the Higher Power as the Cosmic Bunny or Bunnygod. We tend to be either weird, spiritually-oriented with a good sense of humor, or both. As far as an official or legal entity (like org, non-profit, church, business).... no. As humans, we are just online and in small informal groups around the world, uniting together, with our Bunny Ears on, for a similar cause: Bunnyness!

Bunny bless,
D.B. Bunny

Anonymous said...

...you have got to be kidding me... what planet are you from?

Anonymous said...

Thank your bunny-ness!
It about time the cosmic bunny movement reared its ears!

BTW: when does the cosmic neck-ties go on sale at cafepress?

Long live The Cosmic Bunny!

~Dandy Bunny Sage

DB Bunny said...


It's so thrilling to see how many people have found the Bunny Church, knowing sometimes their whole lives that Bunnyness is divine! Glad you found us =:-)

As far as the ties go, I don't think that CafePress has ties, do they? Zazzle does. In any case, our friend on whose site we've had the "shop" is having to close (?) their online business or sell it or something. Anyway, we are moving all CoCB products over to Zazzle into our own gallery. You can see the beginnings at www.zazzle.com/bunnychurch. More things will be added as we find time to do it. Right now there are a couple of ties (plain Bunnies with moon background) and Bunnytized Bunnies with moon. If you don't like the background tie color you can customize it. If there's something specific on CP right now that you want on a tie, let me know & I'll see if I can get it over to the new gallery.

Hoppy Easter!

Anonymous said...

OH MY COSMIC BUNNY! I have been practicing this religion (with my Bunny Husband, whose pet name has been...wait for it...Bunny!) for my whole life without even realizing that there exists a wonderful Church of Bunnyness! I cannot tell you how happy I was to find your site! I (in real life) have adopted 5 bunnies, all at once, although, sadly, one has gone to the Eternal Bunny Meadow and then on to do healing work (I was told this by a shaman when I was ripped apart by grief at losing her). But we still have four bunnies, all rescues, and we volunteer at SaveABunny, a WONDERFUL bunny-only sanctuary (no euthanasia) in California. Our lives are totally ruled by bunnies; they get more living space than we do, and for some lame reason, nobody can understand why they are the ruling bodies in our house -- as they should be! I have long touted the inherent genetic and spiritual superiority of bunnies, but most people just do not get it. their loss! Once I have thought up the perfect bunny name, I will register and become a Fuzzy. I have a couple of ideas about how to spread bunnyness that I'd like to share.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU for founding this amazing (and long-overdue) movement/church/philosophy! It is truly awesome! Anyone who refuses to admire the powerful truth of the Cosmic Bunny's message is just a lower being! Rock on! Will register very, very soon...