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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Church Doctrine

In addition to the Cosmic Bunny: Basic Beliefs section and Guide to Healthy Bunnyliving, there are some important beliefs held by the Church of the Cosmic Bunny. Below are the "commandments" each Rabbit and Fuzzy try to follow to their the best of their ability.

Guiding Philosophies

1. Treat others as you would want to be treated, which includes attempting at least one Bunny Act of Kindness each day. Bunny Acts of Kindness include, but are not limited to: Helping a lost Rabbit find its way home, not fighting over the last carrot, buying/giving food to starving beings, getting soup and medicine for your Fuzzy if he/she is ill, letting others get in your lane ahead of you on the freeway, helping human volunteer groups, holding the door or warren grass flap open for a stranger, etc. One church member Fuzzy put in a slightly different way, but her sentiment rings true. She said, "Just don't be an a$$hole." Good words to live by.

2. Do not kill. Killing is almost always bad. There are some few exceptions to this, such as self-sacrifice to in a no-win situation, true need for food (predators or others during extreme famine) or self-defense when there is no other option. Don't try to debate this one too much or you'll just end up arguing. We always leave it to the wisdom of the Elder Bunnies Councils (in Switzerland, San Francisco and Tibet) to advise on borderline cases. You should just remember "don't kill."

3. Do not steal. If it is not yours, then leave it alone! This goes for everything in the world, from flowers and carrots to cars and credit card numbers. In the case that you are literally starving, however, it may be understandable that you steal a stalk of celery or loaf of bread. In nearly all cases, though, "Bunny!! Leave it!!!!" is good advice.

4. Don't bite, scratch, kick or make war. Fighting is only allowed when there is no choice and you must defend yourself or family from an immediate threat in your physical vicinity. Many Bunnies study Karate, due to the constant threat posed to them by hawks and coyotes. Use your best judgement and do not be the instigator or starter of the fight. And never, ever let yourself believe that the Cosmic Bunny wants you to fight or hurt others. The Cosmic Bunny does not condone attacking or killing,
especially not in Its name! The Cosmic Bunny only wants us to love and take care of one another.

5. Don't poison your warren. This can be accomplished in your immediate environment by pooping and peeing in the correct places and keeping your home reasonably clean and organized. (We know how messy Bunnies can be!) It is also intended to extend out from your own home. Recycle what you can and try to stay away from the use of harmful chemicals. Clean up your home and your planet. Try not to buy or eat GMO crops. Don't destroy small farms (Bunnies... don't eat everything of theirs from the vine! Humans... buy local and natural whenever you can.) The Cosmic Bunny gave us this planet not to destroy, but to live in harmony with.

6. Maintain health on all levels to the best of your ability. Stay away from addictive, damaging substances, like tobacco, alcohol and drugs. An occasional drink is allowed for humans, but do not let it compromise your health. Eat well, pray and meditate, get enough sleep and exercise often. Wear condoms while engaging in humping activities.

7. Use your Bunny Power (as a Rabbit, as a Fuzzy, as a citizen, as a voter, as a consumer) to create and maintain humane systems in the world. We are all equal to the Cosmic Bunny and all are as valuable as the next, even if you don't think it's so on this plane. Do not leave others to struggle when there is no need for it, when there is plenty available all around. Bunnies take care of each other and Bunny societies flourish when all Bunnies know that they will get something for their hard work
and that someone will be there to catch them if they fall. Do not kick the fallen over the edge to die. We can take a good lesson from a recent Christian phrase, "What would Master Bunny Jesus do?" This is extremely important in Bunny Religion. Why let a Rabbit go hungry if you are stuffed full and there is still plenty on the table? Always remember that no matter what position you are in today (wealthy, healthy, successful, powerful), it could all change tomorrow. Being in a high place is no excuse to pretend you don't understand this, couldn't care less or are helpless in the face of others less fortunate. Human Fuzzies, being in the cruel world of mankind, should especially take this to heart. All beings deserve medical care when medical care exists. All beings deserve food when food exists. All beings deserve shelter when shelter exists. No one should have to live on the street because of an unfortunate illness, accident or twist of fate. Bunnies of the world unite! Teach the others what is right! It is up to us.

More important questions are answered in the Glossary & FAQ section. Don't forget to read up on Bunnyholidays, too!

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Yeh, BUNNIES dont vote republican!!!