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Monday, January 14, 2008

Frequently Asked Bunnyquestions

bunnytized church bunny religion
For definitions of terms, see the Glossary.


Why haven't I heard anything about this before now?
It stands to reason. Most Bunnies don't have computers, and even if they live around humans, their paws don't work so well with keyboards, nor their eyes with typical monitors. They try, though, bless their little hearts. It took some human followers to create this website and, up until now, belief in the Cosmic Bunny by humans has not been so widespread.

What are members of the church called?
Well, Bunnies are sometimes just called "Bunnies". A non-Rabbit member (such as a human) is referred to as a "Fuzzy" (the plural being "Fuzzies"), although some Rabbits like the term "Fuzzy" as well.

Is the "Cosmic Bunny" the same being as the more well known "God"?

Yes! We are monotheistic and believe in one God. (However, even most polytheistic religions recognize one main god/goddess/source, with the others just aspects of the main God.) The Cosmic Bunny (or Bunny God) is the God of all; Rabbit, human, alien, etc. No matter what you call It (Great Spirit, Goddess, Universe, God, etc) we are talking about the same someone: the Creator, who is a Bunny.

Why do you keep capitalizing "Bunny" and "Rabbit" all over the site?
Because Bunnies/Rabbits are the purest form on Earth of Cosmic Bunny Energy and are highly revered. It is a sign of respect.

So is this like "Watership Down"?
No. While we respect anyone who writes about the beloved Bunny, we were very disturbed by Richard Adams' tale of fascism and chewed ears in jolly old England. We sincerely hope that either the Rabbits were never truly that aggressive and dictatorial or, if so, they have since learned a better way. We suspect a possible disease (like Mad Rabbit) that affected many of their brains, if the book was indeed true. Otherwise, we also found it interesting to hear the odd lore and myths kept by the wild Rabbits near Hampshire. It is certainly unique. We would also like to note here that at least one of our Fuzzies found this book inspirational and it gave them a newfound respect for the courage of Rabbits. While scary, it does have it merits.

What, according to the Bunny Religion, happens when you die?
When you die, the Cosmic Bunny picks you up by the scruff of your neck and carries you up to the Eternal Meadow, where beautiful fluffy clouds float across a deep blue sky over a flower-filled fragrant field. And nothing will eat you. Whether reinbunnycarnation exists after that is still a controversy amongst Bunnies and non-Rabbit Fuzzies alike.

Is there such a thing as "sin" in the Bunny Religion? If I'm bad, do I go to some type of Rabbit Hell?
There is not "sin", per se, but definitely right and wrong. (See Guidelines for Bunnyliving and Church Bunnydoctrine for more information.) We believe that while you are being taken by the scruff of the neck to the Eternal Meadow, you will undergo a life review, during which you will remember every tiny thing you've ever done and you will experience emotionally how it affected those around you. (This is commonly spoken of in both Rabbit and human Near Death Experiences.) If you have truly been bad, you may receive a spanking from the Mother Rabbit (an aspect of the Cosmic Bunny) and be sent to the Lesser Meadow for a brief while to heal and think about what you've done. Some believe you will be reinbunnycarnated and sent back to Earth in another body to make amends. In any case, you will not be sent to a dark, scary place with constant rain, no carrots and hungry eagles and foxes hunting you for all eternity. However, some sects of the Bunny Religion believe that it is possible to judge yourself so harshly that you wriggle loose from the Cosmic Bunny during the trip to the Eternal Meadow and drop into the Astral Plane, where you create your own Rabbit Hell to reside in until you can be rescued. As always, the best thing you can do for yourself, your warren and the Bunnyuniverse is to simply be a good little Bunny/Fuzzy! Then you don't have to worry about it!

Is this ... for real?
The Church of the Cosmic Bunny is real, yes. A "church" does not necessarily refer to a building with a steeple, but also to a group of people with a uniting spiritual belief, a common means and intent of divine worship. Did we really come from the Cosmic Bunny? Did we come from a dude with a white beard sitting on a cloud? Did we come from a glowing orb of light? What (or who) is "God"?

For those skeptical, consider that visualizing God as a cute, fuzzy Bunny sums up nicely the concept of a loving and forgiving creator. If you believe that God is not a being per se, but is everywhere, in all things, this still does not preclude the existence of a Bunny God. After all, no one knows if God has always existed in the current form or if He/She/It was originally a Bunny. The Cosmic Bunny cannot be proven or disproven. Plus, the state of omnipresence implies that God does exist in Bunnies and God therefore is indeed a Bunny, for He/She/It knows the ways of the Bunnies and all that the Bunnies have experienced. Also the ways of all other beings, of course, but if one were to believe in this fashion, why not choose a divine image that reminds humanity of love and cuddliness to focus on? The full essence of God is, after all, impossible to know in our present forms. If you were to visually see God, would it be impossible that He/She/It could appear to you as a shining Rabbit bathed in light? Followers of the Cosmic Bunny simply believe in the loving fuzziness of God, which is best illustrated by pure cuteness and a love of fresh vegetables.

If the question is whether we and our members are serious about this or not, well, you would need to consult the individuals. We believe in tolerance and freedom and, as in Unitarian Universalism, members are free to pursue their own spiritual seeking at whatever intensity and level of belief they deem is suitable. If one believes truly that the creator is the Cosmic Bunny and visualizes their energy centers as Chakra Bunnies and wishes to spread the qualities of Bunnyness (peace, love, non-violence, wiggly noses) through the world, that is certainly being serious about the CoCB. If one chooses the Cosmic Bunny as a symbol, idealization or agreeable aspect of an unknowable creator, that is also taking it seriously in their own way. There may still be other members who like Bunnies and wish them to be held in higher esteem in the world, but find the notion of God as a Bunny a little silly. However, if they enjoy the church and its practices, if it makes them smile, that's ok, too. The Cosmic Bunny is still "real" enough then to bring some joy into our collective consciousness. In the end, the Bunnyness is still serious!

On a more personal note, we (founders D.B. and H. Bunny) were referring to the creator as "The Bunny God" for quite some time before we visited more with the wild Rabbits and realized that "Cosmic Bunny" was a more appropriate translation. We fully believe in all the tenets of the church (Healthy Bunnyliving, Church Doctrine, etc) and try to be very good little Fuzzies and Pastors ourselves by following its philosophies the best we can. We try to spread Bunnyness, we eat well, we are kind to others, we meditate and we poop in the appropriate place for our species. And yes, that really is us in the video, out at night in a field near a German Autobahn, wearing Bunny ears and howling at the full moon. For real. And that sounds pretty serious to me! =:-)

What about other websites that say they are about Bunny Religion, a Bunny God, Cosmic Bunny, Great Bunny, etc? How do you feel about them?
It's simple. All who believe in a Bunny creator essentially are part of the same spiritual family of beliefs, usually generalized to "Bunny Religion". As in most systems, interpretations and practices may be a bit different from one group to the next, but all real Bunnies will tend to agree on basics, such as love, peace and doing good in the world.

Although we (the church clergy) believe that our time spent participating with Rabbits on more than one continent, our investigation of Bunny Religion history and the years spent living as part-time Bunnies ourselves has given us a rather good take on things, we are not going to tell you that you must do things our way. We kind of hope so =;-) because we all have a lot of fun, but we are just one church in a sea of many. We formed the Church of the Cosmic Bunny to bring Bunnyness into the world in the biggest way possible and we welcome others who peaceably try to accomplish the same. All religions and spiritual practices are, in the end, just petals of the whole flower. Each petal eventually leads to the same center.

More information in the Glossary.

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