Bunny Events - Google Calendar
  1. DEC 21 - Winter Solstice Celebration
  2. DEC 24 - Cozy Bunny Christmas Eve
  3. DEC 25 - A Very Fuzzy Christmas
  4. DEC 31 - Bunny Blue Moon Howling
  5. DEC 31 - Bunny New Year's Eve Party
Updates & New Member Welcomes

11/01 : Add your Full Moon howling vids to YouTube!

11/12 : Let's rub noses with new Fuzzy, SARAH!

11/22 : Everybunny welcome new Fuzzy, SFTZ!

11/25 : Everybunny welcome Fuzzy, AMELIA REX!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Bunny - An extremely cute and cuddly vegetarian mammal who hops sweetly, nibbles often and frequently wiggles its nose. The Cosmic Bunny made Bunnies in Its own image. Bunnies are revered by followers of Bunny Religion.

Bunny Acts of Kindness - A kind act toward another performed by a Bunny or follower of the Cosmic Bunny

Bunny Name - The name personally chosen by a non-Rabbit follower of the Cosmic Bunny who wishes to be known by it instead of the original given name.

Bunnyness - The quality or state of being totally 'Bunny', i.e. belonging to or expressing the known qualities of a Bunny, such as cuteness, sweetness, fuzziness and spiritual awareness.

Bunny Religion - Bunny Religion refers to all sects, offshoots and branches (such as the Church of the Cosmic Bunny) of the religion founded by Bunnies thousands of years ago in praise and recognition of the Cosmic Bunny. Bunny Religion branches may differ slightly in theological interpretation or terminology, but we all believe that there is one God, and It is a Bunny.

Bunnytized - 1) Expressing Bunnyness. 2) Being amazed, almost hypnotized, by your own or another's Bunnyness or just by the Cosmic Bunny. 3) Realizing your inner Bunnyness and acknowledging the Cosmic Bunny, as in a great spiritual awakening or renewing. Similar to being baptized.

Chakra Bunny - Each of the 7 energy centers of the physical form, often known to others simply as "chakras".

Cosmic Bunny - The Creator, the Divine Being, the deity known by many names and often incorrectly referred to by man as being humanesque in form.

Crabbit - An ill-tempered Rabbit or Fuzzy

Elder Bunnies Council - A group of 12 wise Bunnies who gather four times per year to discuss in depth confusing or controversial aspects of Bunny theology and to advise branches of the Bunny Religion. Currently (Jan 2008) there are three such councils in the world. The meeting places are in Switzerland, San Francisco and Tibet.

Eternal Meadow - A beautiful meadow filled with soft grasses and yummy, colorful flowers, with a deep blue sky and fluffy white clouds, where everyone gets along and nothing tries to eat you. Where we all (eventually) go when we die.

Frabbit - A frumpy or unkempt Rabbit or Fuzzy. Sometimes used instead to refer to one who is goofing around or acting illogical.

Fuzzy - A member of the Church of the Cosmic Bunny. Sometimes used generically as a term for any follower of Bunny Religion.

Fuzzy Ears - Bunny ears that are seen growing from or floating over the head of a non-Rabbit (such as a human) who has successfully awakened their Inner Bunny. Usually only others consciously aware of their Inner Bunny, children and animals can see Fuzzy Ears above another.

Hundredth Bunny Effect - The controversial (in some eyes) effect described as a psychic or quantum transfer of knowledge from one Bunny or group of Bunnies to a separate Bunny or Bunny group, separated by distance, geography or simply having no physical contact with the aforementioned Bunny or Bunny group. The transfer occurs by seemingly no physical means.

Inner Bunny - The spark given to each being (Bunny or otherwise) by the Cosmic Bunny during creation. The Inner Bunny is a powerful force, the lifeforce, our source of higher knowledge and our direct connection back to the Cosmic Bunny.

Lesser Meadow - In some cases of very bad behavior, one may be sent temporarily to the Lesser Meadow after death before being allowed to join the others in the Eternal Meadow. The Lesser Meadow has sparse vegetation, is a little chilly, has untasty food and is not too comfortable. It is a place to sit and think about what you've done.

Master Bunny - A being who has completely merged with their Inner Bunny, giving them direct access to the knowledge of the Cosmic Bunny. Some immediately ascend directly to the Eternal Meadow, while others stay to teach and heal.

Mother Rabbit - A not well-understood aspect of the Cosmic Bunny. Sometimes "She" comes to pet you if you are very sad, lick a wound or reassure you when needed. "She" also, though, can be a disciplinarian and may spank a very bad Bunny and send it to the Lesser Meadow after death.

Father Rabbit - A not well-understood aspect of the Cosmic Bunny. "He" can be called on to help in situations of great fear or unavoidable war. (Also see "Mother Rabbit")

Rabbit - (see Bunny)

Warren - A colony of Rabbits or burrow area where Rabbits live.

(more to come!)

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