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Monday, January 14, 2008

Guide to Healthy Bunnyliving

church cosmic bunny religion devilNibbling (Dietary Guidelines) - The COCB recommends a diet high in fresh vegetables and flowers, organic whenever possible. Fruits should also be considered at least once per day. Aside from this, we recognize that not every body has the same ability (species, location, medically, physically, economically) to be vegan or vegetarian, so we do not advocate a particular way of eating. For instance, some humans may simply do better on an omnivorous diet (meat, eggs, cheese, veggies, fruits, grains). And predators, unfortunately, no matter how reformed, need meat (*shudder*) to stay healthy. Rabbits, of course, must keep to their natural vegetarian diet! (And not too much chocolate, Mr. H. Bunny!)

Digging - Digging instinct should be used for survival and as an occasional outlet for excess energy. Keep dirt nearby for digging attacks if you do not live in the country. (For human Fuzzies, you may or may not feel the urge to dig as you become one with your Inner Bunny. If you do, we advise gardening as an appropriate way to handle it. Planting vegetables, flowers and trees is always encouraged by members of the Church.)

Cuddling and Petting - It is a very necessary thing for Bunnies to cuddle and pet each other. (Remember, we are talking about massaging and nuzzling, not humping! That is covered farther down this list!) It calms the mind, nervous and cardiovascular systems and is excellent for your muscles and heart chakra. Besides, it's just sweet, as the Cosmic Bunny would want. If you do not currently have a Bunny to cuddle with, we recommend cuddling with whomever you can (even if it's a dog or cat, as long as they do not have fleas). Even cuddling with a pillow or blanket is better than no cuddling at all. If you're a human Fuzzy, you may also try getting a massage from time to time if you can afford it.

Sleeping - Sleep and dreamtime is absolutely essential for a healthy Bunny or Fuzzy. Do what you can to get at least 6 hours of sleep a night, preferably 8 or even more. If you do not live underground in a warren, keep your room slightly cool and as dark as you can and curl up under a fuzzy blanket.

Humping - It is a fact that Bunnies have a very powerful humping instinct. With so many predators for thousands of years trying to eat them (and unfortunately too often succeeding =:-( they have developed this humpiness to ensure that Bunnies survive to teach future generations about the Cosmic Bunny. It is nearly as strong an instinct in many other beings, sometimes even in humans. If you are a human Fuzzy, don't feel bad if you want to hump all the time, nor feel bad if you hardly ever want to hump. It varies greatly. One thing remains the same in nearly all species, however. Humping is not allowed casually! Promiscuous humping is damaging to the energy field and should be avoided if at all possible. It is always best with your own Lovebunny. Look for your Lovebunny or Bunnymate instead of humping everyone else. When in doubt, remember, "Love somebunny first, hump later."

Yes, even cute, sweet little Bunnies poop. And humans certainly do! The following cannot be emphasized enough: Always poop in the appropriate place for your species! Whether it's in a litter box or a toilet, the poop needs to go where the poop needs to go, and that is not on the floor, in the sink or, Bunny forbid, the bed. If you occasionally poop in the wrong location, be sure to clean it up as soon as possible. Leaving poop around violates Guiding Philosophy number 5, "Don't poison your warren"! Plus, it gets stinky.

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Anonymous said...

Tho my hus-bun is not inclined to religious observances, he says he's hoppy to make an exception for the humping part of these essentials! Cool!!

DB Bunny said...

LOLOL. Aren't they all? =;-)