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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Blossom Ritual

At the beginning of Spring each year, Bunnies all over the world celebrate by decorating their warren with flowers and new tender grasses (where they're not covered by snow!) and celebrate the returning of the world to sunlight and growth. Even in cold climates there may be a few hyacinths just peeking out of the ground about now. Where there are none, the Rabbits cuddle together and share their favorite stories of Spring. When flowers are plentiful, they often celebrate with the Blossom Ritual.

For this, each Bunny hops out into the world to find the most beautiful flower possible. It's not easy this time of year in most places! Sometimes the flowers must come from early blooming cherry trees or shrubs. Each Bunny brings back their favorite blossom to the center area of the warren, where the flowers are collected.

They then proceed to feast on carrots and clover, cuddle, sing, laugh and dance until almost sunset. Often there are plays performed about Springtime and the young ones are given a special Equinox teaching, such as the history of Blossom Rituals in their warren or tales of fairies and other magical creatures that sometimes watch the festivities from the forest's edge.

This is the point they usually take a nap. Bunnies nap alot after singing and dancing, you see.

Upon awakening they gather together in a circle and look through the most-beautiful-flower candidates. It is usually agreed upon quite quickly which flower is the prettiest. This special flower is set upon a tree stump or mound nearby, as a sacred offering to the Cosmic Bunny. All the Bunnies bow their ears and collectively pray to the Cosmic Bunny, thanking It for all that grows and for the joy of their own Bunnyness.

All other flowers are promptly eaten as a scrumptious dessert, a special gift from the Cosmic Bunny, who provides all things.

The flower offering, the heart of the Blossom Ritual, is not to be disturbed, as it is not theirs to eat. However, each morning every Rabbit of the warren pays a visit to the Cosmic Bunny's altar and gently kisses or sniffs the flower. This is a daily reminder of the sanctity and preciousness of all life in the meadow and beyond. The flower remains in its place until the Cosmic Bunny chooses to allow it to be blown or carried away. All is in It's paws.

As human Fuzzies, we can take part in our own Blossom Ritual by picking or purchasing a bunch (or even one) of our favorite Spring flowers. Place them in a vase in a special place, such as a home altar, meditation corner or even desk or bookshelf. Make it a point to visit the flowers and say "thank you" to the Cosmic Bunny every morning while inhaling the scent of the blossoms for the next few days. Be thankful for the flowers, for the means to acquire them, for the Bunnies, for the coming of Spring and for your own Inner Bunny =:-) Take a walk if you can and notice the changes happening in your own neighborhood. Is anything poking through the cold ground? Are there buds on trees? Ponder this cycle that we take for granted each year and feel the Earth waking up from her slumber!

Hoppy Spring Equinox!

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Anonymous said...

That is so sweet, this bunny ritual!

Just reading it calmed my little rabbitly pounding bunnyheart down a relaxing bit.

*bowing my ears to the Cosmic Bunny*
*wanting to hop in joyful circles*

Anonymous said...

Me too! *binky* ~ ~ *binky* ~