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Monday, March 03, 2008

Bunny Gnove Day is March 4th

love bunny bunnies religion meditationSometimes known by humans as "Bunny Valentine's Day", Bunny Gnove Day has been celebrated in March for centuries and focuses on the "gnove" (Bunnyish for "love", pronounced like "nyuv" or "nuv") between paired Lovebunnies. Most Rabbits in Europe called it "Humping Day" until the early 1980's. I bet you can guess why =;-) It presumably does not coincide with human Valentine's Day (Feb 14th) because it is not related to St. Valentine.

How do we celebrate Bunny Gnove Day? Rabbits cuddle and do, well, Bunny things, most of the day. Sometimes they bring each other early spring wildflowers to show their appreciation to the Bunny whose heart they wish to win. For humans it is similar to Valentine's Day. It is a perfect day to surprise the one you love (or wish to love =;-) with something special, like flowers, candy or a nice dinner.

For us, D.B. and H. Bunny, it holds a special place. It was on Bunny Gnove Day 2002 that we confessed our gnove to each other for the first time =:-)xx(-:=

What if you don't have a Lovebunny of your own? Not to worry. You just haven't found each other... yet. The Lovebunny Meditation can help speed it along, though!

We wish everybunny a very hoppy Bunny Gnove Day!
D.B. and H. Bunny

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Anonymous said...

Oh NO! I missed Bunny Gnove Day?! Ah well. Bunnies gnove each other every day anyway! ~noserub~ `kiss`