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Updates & New Member Welcomes

11/01 : Add your Full Moon howling vids to YouTube!

11/12 : Let's rub noses with new Fuzzy, SARAH!

11/22 : Everybunny welcome new Fuzzy, SFTZ!

11/25 : Everybunny welcome Fuzzy, AMELIA REX!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Latest News (Mar 17, 2008)

st patrick's day - bunny religionHoppy St Patrick's Day to all ye Irish Bunnies and Fuzzies!

We have had some quite busy days since our last news update. First, let us all please welcome our newest Fuzzies (members)! Please give a big Bunnyhug to

Nahja of Maynard, Massachusetts
Blessed Bunny of Elverson, Pennsylvania
Bettony Fern of Philadephia, Pennsylvania
Teabunny of Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Thank you all for supporting the Church of the Cosmic Bunny by becoming a Fuzzy! You're all amazing! More Fuzziness means more Bunnyness, and the world needs every bit it can get! =:-)

-Site Updates-
One of the other big things I have to share with you is that we have completed the transition from our old blogspot address to our new domain name. We are now WWW.BUNNYCHURCH.COM! Two new info sections have been added to the top of our page also, to help keep you easily informed of upcoming Bunny Holidays (which you can add to your own Google Calendar) and important updates in between editions of Latest News.

All of our banners/graphics have been updated to reflect this new web address. If you have previously copied code directly from our "Spread Bunnyness" page, the graphics will automatically update on your website the next time or two you refresh. If in the past you saved one of our graphics on your own server, you'll need to re-save or copy the new code to get the updated graphics. Also, some versions of our code had additional text below the graphic that said "Let's Get Fuzzy" and our URL. The text portion will not update, so you'll need to do that
bunnytized manually or just copy the new code and paste it over the old. Either way, though, you can always still reach the church with the old URL (bunnyreligion.blogspot.com).

In addition to the banners, any products that contained our web address in the Shop of the Cosmic Bunny have been changed to reflect our new identity =:-) We also added this beautiful new "Bunnytized" writing journal just yesterday.

-Easter, Celebrations & Bunny Ears-
I'm sure you're quite aware that Easter (Bunny Revelation Day) is already here next Sunday! The whole weekend will be a fantastic Bunny party, with the Full Moon and Spring Equinox falling on Good Friday. Friday night we'll be out in force with our Bunny ears on, howling at the moon, won't we?! AuoOoOoOooO! I can't wait!

And that reminds me to remind you; this time of year, just before Easter is your big chance for the whole year to buy Bunny ears to wear during Bunny celebrations the whole year round. Stock up while you can! Next Monday many stores will have already cleared out their "Easter" products and the ears will be gone!

-Your Celebrations-
During the Full Moon, Equinox or Easter celebrations, don't be shy! We will gladly accept photos and links to videos* of you and your fellow Bunny fans enjoying your Bunnyness =:-) Just submit them to bunnychurch(at)gmail.com or bunnyinfo(at)bunnychurch.com and we'll choose the best ones for a new post here on the site.

Until then, let Bunnyness spread and HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!
Bunny Bless,
D.B. Bunny

* Photos should be smaller in file size than 1mb and videos sent directly to us need to be emailable (i.e. probably not over 10mb). You can also upload a video to MySpaceTV or YouTube and we can embed it on the site and also add you to our favorites on the other services.

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