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Monday, March 03, 2008

Lovebunny Meditation

love bunny bunnies meditation religion godIf you haven't yet found your Lovebunny, don't feel discouraged. The meditation below can help connect the two of you, no matter where on Earth you may be =:-)

Important Note: This is for the finding of your true Lovebunny, in the instance you have not yet met. It is not for making a specific person you happen to have a crush on fall in love with you! That simply does not work anyway. If you are right for each other, both of you will know it. This meditation is for connecting with your best Bunnymate (who may be in another state or even another country at the moment) as soon as it can be arranged by the Cosmic Bunny.

Let's begin...

First find a comfortable, quiet place. Sit or lie down and close your eyes. Relax for a few moments by imagining you are in the middle of a flower-filled meadow on a comfortably warm and sunny day. Look around you and see the blue sky above you, with big white fluffy clouds floating about. Feel the breeze across your skin and through your hair. Breathe in deeply several times and feel your whole body relax. You are completely comfortable here.

Next, hold your hands closely in front of you, at the level of your navel, as if you are cradling a small stuffed animal. Look closely between your hands and realize you are actually holding a crystal clear Bunny made of pure sunlight. This is a Wish Bunny and it hoppily wants to help you in your quest!

While holding your Wish Bunny, feel once again your desire to find the perfect Bunnymate. See yourself in the near future, extremely happy, laughing and enjoying life with this as-yet-unknown somebunny. You do not need to picture exactly what they look like. (In fact, it's usually best not to.) You are completely in love with each other. You feel secure and your heart is peaceful and joyous. You two are simply perfect for each other and there are no doubts about this. You are filled with thankfulness to the Cosmic Bunny, who has guided your energies and brought you together. Really feel all this for a few moments. Keep it positive, light and joyous. There is no sadness or longing here. Only the wonderful feeling of having found your Lovebunny.

Your body is now glowing with hoppiness, especially in the heart region. Take a deep breath and hold it for a moment. Say "thank you" to the Cosmic Bunny in your mind as you slowly breathe out some of that joyful feeling. Your breath glows with the essence of all that hoppiness. The glowing breath flows directly to the Wish Bunny in your hands. The Wish Bunny will absorb this energy and soon begin glowing and pulsing with bright colored light energy. (What color is happiness and love for you? Pink? Yellow? Orange? Go with your own intuition.) The Wish Bunny might hop in circles in your hands or even do floating back flips with joy. It can't wait to help you this! It glows brilliantly. Tell it "please find my Lovebunny for me"....

Now.... open your hands and release your Wish Bunny! Away it hops, bouncing and hoppy, out of sight, guided by the Cosmic Bunny, scouting out the perfect somebunny for you!

You may stay here in the flowering field for a few moments if you choose. When you are ready to return to your daily concerns, simply imagine the scene before you fading and the feeling of the ground, chair or bed you are on. Slowly open your eyes and know that you and your Lovebunny will find each other, as soon as it's possible for you both =:-)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this wonderful information.. My fuzzy and I got alot from this.

the Playboy Bunny..
and BTW.. I love all your comments on my space page!!

nose rubs for ya.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna start doing this tomorrow morning until my lovebunny shows his floppy eared head!

SynestheticSoul said...

Could my Wish Bunny help me during hard times? Like maybe I really need help and it could help. I dunno. Thanks!

DB Bunny said...


Oh, of course! Just imagine your Wish Bunny hopping to seek out what you need and lead you to it. Your Wish Bunny is a part of you, so works for you in your best interest as long as it will not harm anyone to do so. Bunnies love to help, in peace and hoppiness! =:-)