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Friday, May 02, 2008

Egyptian & Hebrew Bunny Symbology

In a previous article, Bunny Mythology from Humans, we discussed some of the legends and myths that humans have developed around the beloved Rabbit. Illumibunny, a Fuzzy, sent along some further information recently about Bunnies in Egypt, from Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry...

The heiroglyph for the Rabbit was that of open eyes, indicating that Bunnies never closed their eyes for fear of being caught unaware by enemies. Later the Rabbit was adopted as a symbol of mystic light, illuminating the mind, revealed to neophytes during initiation. This mystic light was part of the contemplation of the divine and closely associated with Osiris. Bunnies showed the initimate connection between sacred Egyptian rites and the divinity of nature.

In addition, the Hebrew word for Hare is ARNaBeT, which is a compound of the words "to behold" and "light". Again, the Bunny means to behold the light of sacred initiation.

If you'll notice our banner at the top of the page, the sacred Bunnies in the midst of... light! It shows that the deep truth of the Cosmic Bunny shines inside all our minds, connecting us back to the source, no matter what time or place we may live in. All those who have been on the Path of the Bunny, seeking to awaken and merge with their own Inner Bunnies will automatically connect our fuzzy heroes with divine light. And that's how it should be. Bunny bless, everyone!

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