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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Important! Num Num Prophecy from Mexico!

cosmic bunny church summer Hello, all you Bunnies, Fuzzies and hoppers-by! I hope you're all having a great summer!

H. Bunny and I have just returned from a successful and very important mission to find the missing "Num Num" Bunny tribe in the jungles of southern Mexico. It was an exhausting trip, but well worth it!

The Num Num Rabbits were skiddish and very afraid of us at first, but we spent many hours sitting near the edge of their sacred ground level pyramid (a mound built by the Bunnies themselves!), trying to gain their trust. After a couple of weeks they finally approached us, noses twitching, sniffed and then saw our Fuzzy Ears! Yay! Hoppity-hop!

They led us deep into the dense undergrowth to their secret temple (and believe me, we've got the scratches and bruises to prove it), where they taught us about the mystical Night Sky Rabbit God (hmm, could it be the Cosmic Bunny?! =;-), at whose heart is a shimmering blue star. The Num Nums believe that the time is fast approaching for either a horrible cataclysm on Earth or a joyous shift into the 5th dimension, when the blue star will turn vibrant pink! They told us that it is up to the creatures of the Earth (or "Mama", in their language) to choose their destiny. Mama punishes the naughty ones, they said, but only if they've been bad. According to the Num Nums, humanity has been very bad indeed. They pleaded with us to raise more Bunny awareness in humanity and to teach others about Bunnyness. We tried to explain the internet to them, but we were lacking the words. We promised them that we would run a membership campaign for our church as soon as we returned home and that we would let all the Fuzzies know how crucial it is at this time in history to spread Bunnyness in all possible ways. The more people in tune with their Inner Bunny, the closer to joy we all come!

So, you heard it, Fuzzies! Get your friends and family involved! Let's write letters to advertisers and networks, begging for more Bunnies on TV (and lovingly thanking those who already grace the world with fuzziness in commercials and shows)! Wear Bunny t-shirts, Bunny-up your car if you can, put up Bunny calendars in your office, Bunny-up your website, use the word "Bunny" as often as possible each day, to whomever you speak! We have the chance to change the world, to usher in an era of hoppiness and peace and to move the Earth into a higher dimension! It's up to us! It's not tomorrow or next week, but NOW.

Thank you all and Bunny bless!
D.B. Bunny

Church of the Cosmic Bunny - Join the Bunny Religion!


Anonymous said...

Wish I coulda come. My pet Rabbit's great grandma came from the Num Num tribe! Peace and love and BUNNYNESS!

Sniffy Paws