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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Inner Bunny Primer Revisited

inner bunny rabbit religion
(Left: One Fuzzy's visualization of her own iridescent Inner Bunny)

When the Cosmic Bunny created us, It put a spark of Itself into the core of our being. That spark is known as the Inner Bunny. You may have been taught the term "Higher Self" or "soul". It is the part of us that exists in a state of love, peace and knowledge. It is not only our lifeforce, but our greater guidance directly from the Cosmic Bunny.

Living with a conscious knowing of your Inner Bunny lets you see and feel beyond the usual five bunnysenses. The big picture, apart from the petty concerns of our busy lives, becomes clearer. Things happen as we wish, as if some great Bunnypaw reached down from the sky and arranged it all for us. This is because we are in synch with the Cosmic Bunny and the flow of life, so we naturally hop along the trail that leads us in the right direction.

One curious side effect of Inner Bunny awareness is that other humans who have also awakened their Inner Bunnies, many animals and most small children can see Bunny ears above your head as you walk down the street, glittering subtley. These are somtimes known as "Fuzzy Ears". In 2003, while focusing intently on my own Inner Bunny at a bus stop, a child suddenly hollered "A BUNNYYYYYY!!!!" to his mother across the street from me. I looked up to see a finger pointed directly at me, from a very excited little boy! I glanced around and there certainly were not other Rabbits nearby, in the center of a concrete and asphalt station. My ears must've been glowing!

Haven't you ever wondered why humans try so often to look like Bunnies? And not just at Easter! You'll see fluffy pink ears at parties, on Halloween and during carnival season across the world, from Rio to Munich. Do an image search for "Rabbit ears" online and you'll find the internet is filled with ordinary people wearing Bunny ears, or faking it with two fingers in a "V" behind the head. We all have a natural instinct for Bunnyness. When we are ready to know why, we can simply look inside ourselves for the answer.

Awakening your own Inner Bunny starts with the acknowledgement of the Cosmic Bunny and Its gift of life to us. Some humans feel lighter, somewhat tingly for a few moments by just reading that last sentence to themselves. (Try it again. See?) Your own ability to listen to your Inner Bunny will increase greatly by following a healthy diet (so the energy systems of the body are functioning well) and a regular practice of meditation or prayer (to calm the mind and let your I.B. shine through with greater clarity). Other important things you can do:

  • Bunny Acts of Kindness spread Bunnyness throughout your community.
  • The word "Bunny" itself acts as a hidden catalyst or sign that affects consciousness. We encourage you to use the word "Bunny" as often as realistically possible in your daily speech, not only to remind yourself, but for the benefit of others as well!
  • Bunny images, from screensavers, cups, t-shirts and Bunny calendars, even popular images like "Happy Bunny" (who, while grumpy, is just a teenager, after all) serve to increase Bunny awareness in society. Artists, don't be shy about painting, drawing or designing more Bunnies! Decorate your desk at work with Bunnies! Bunnies everywhere!
  • Bunnies on TV, in cartoons, commercials or shows should be encouraged. Write networks to let them know how much you enjoy Bunnies!
  • Bunnies in print are another good indicator of current Bunnyness. If you're a writer, consider adding a Bunny character in some way to your work. Start a Bunnyblog or Bunnymagazine!
Eventually, if enough humans awaken their consciousness and step into their Bunny-given Bunnyness, a point of critical mass may be reached. The Hundredth Bunny Effect will occur and the Cosmic Bunny's light will spread across the Earth, awakening everyone it touches, finally ushering in an era of peace. So, spread Bunnyness daily and spend at least 15 minutes per day contemplating your own Bunnyness. Let your Inner Bunny shine!

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