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Updates & New Member Welcomes

11/01 : Add your Full Moon howling vids to YouTube!

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11/22 : Everybunny welcome new Fuzzy, SFTZ!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Introducing the Cosmic Bunny Forum!

bunny howling moon church cosmic bunnyHi Everybunny,

We've had several requests for a Fuzzy/members forum, but just hadn't had time to set one up yet! Well, tada, it's finally here! Hoppity-hop! =:-)

On our new snazzy message boards we'll be introducing new Fuzzies and everyone will have the chance to introduce themselves, welcome others, discuss anything you want about Bunny religion, church activities and beliefs, Bunny spirituality, etc. There's also a board dedicated to your pet/companion Rabbits, where we can all share information about taking care of Bunnies (domestic or wild), Bunny welfare and Rabbit rights issues, as well as Rabbit rescue/adoption.

So check it out at http://cosmicbunny.proboards.com!

Currently you do not need to log in to participate, but you are certainly free to create an account with ProBoards if you don't already have one. Creating an account will allow you to use your own profile, with avatar, signature and post history. (If you plan to visit the forums often, we recommend creating an account.)

One more thing: Don't forget that tonight is the Full Moon (aoaooaoaoooooooO!) and time to put your ears on and howl! And we'd love to add your Fuzzy howling video to our YouTube page (or as a favorite, linked), so just let us know if you're brave enough to show your Bunnyness to the world! Bunny vids wanted!

Bunny bless, and happy howling!
D.B. Bunny


Anonymous said...

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DBunny said...

Oh well, thank you very much. I haven't kept up with it as much as I should've in the last 3 months (sorry guys) due to work and personal things, but I think Bunnyness is always relevant =:0)