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  1. DEC 21 - Winter Solstice Celebration
  2. DEC 24 - Cozy Bunny Christmas Eve
  3. DEC 25 - A Very Fuzzy Christmas
  4. DEC 31 - Bunny Blue Moon Howling
  5. DEC 31 - Bunny New Year's Eve Party
Updates & New Member Welcomes

11/01 : Add your Full Moon howling vids to YouTube!

11/12 : Let's rub noses with new Fuzzy, SARAH!

11/22 : Everybunny welcome new Fuzzy, SFTZ!

11/25 : Everybunny welcome Fuzzy, AMELIA REX!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fuzzy Number 100!

Tada! Everyone please welcome our 100th Fuzzy...

Froufrou McHopHop

Froufrou comes from Perth, Australia and is rather fond of Artemis carrots. Welcome to the Cosmic Bunny community! =:-)

We also have three more Fuzzies to welcome with Bunny noserubs this weekend: Sedano There of Italy, Angel of Oxfordshire, England and Bee from Massachusetts. We hope you all find joy in Bunnyness and join us in spreading the fuzzy feeling among all of Earth's creatures!

Bunny Bless,
D.B. Bunny

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