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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bunnies in the News: It was No Bunny Slashing

We can all rest easy. Apparently the incident described by news outlets as a "brutal attack" on an inflatable Easter Bunny in Cortland, NY was not quite what it seemed.

A running gag in the area is for kids to take a lawn ornament from one house, put it on the porch or doorstep of another, ring the doorbell and run. This was the inflatable Bunny's intended use, but he was accidentally torn (not slashed, as previously reported) in the initial stealing process.

Admittedly, I now have some sympathy not only for the inflatable Rabbit, but for the kids charged, lol =;-) Hopefully the Bunny can be repaired and the spirit of Bunnyness will prevail.


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