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Friday, March 20, 2009

Hoppy Spring Equinox, Everybunny!

Hi there, fellow Fuzzies!

May it be springy where you are! If it's not, buy yourself some daffodils, tulips or hyacinths. Inhale deeply and feel the Cosmic Bunny all around you, rejoicing again in the increasing light and coming warmth =:-)

H. Bunny and I will be participating in the flower hunt (see: Blossom Ritual) tomorrow morning with the wild Rabbits in the meadow down the road. (Even though they know us it always take about 30 minutes in the beginning, to get them to trust us again, lol. Wild Buns are funny like that.) Afterwards we will stop by the Saturday market and gets lots of fresh, organic vegetables to munch on. Yum! We'll take some back to the meadow for the Rabbits and later make ourselves a super veggie salad with spring onions. I hope you all have a bunnyful weekend, too!

Bunny bless,
D.B. Bunny

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SynestheticSoul said...
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SynestheticSoul said...

I need to get my love-Bunny to do this with me! He's taking me somewhere special to-morrow.

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Anonymous said...

Do you really interact with wild bunnies? Neat!!!

DB Bunny said...

When and only if they let us. One thing to be aware of with wild Bunnies is that not only are they very shy and skiddish around other creatures (how do they know if you're planning to eat them or not?!), but they are *wild* and thus aren't necessarily as fuzzy and nice as a domestic Bunny. Unfortunately wild Rabbits can carry diseases, fleas and mites and have been known to attack (!) if someone gets too close to baby Bunnies (although the latter is rarer). The best way to interact with them is as an observer, like sitting in a park and watching their incredible cuteness =:-) They like treats on occasion, like carrots with tops and fruits. If you have any doubt as to whether Bunnies should be eating a particular food, please check online first. There are many good Rabbit sites that explain how to feed Bunnies correctly, like what they can have occasionally as treats.